Ben Gifford and Sean Pears grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, where they both attended Newton South High School. Soon after they met, Ben ran for class president, and Sean voted against him. Ben lost. Despite this, Ben and Sean later became close friends, which they have remained until this day.

As they entered their early twenties, inspired by puns and the prospect of winning big, the two men embarked on a journey of risk and reward. Who said “Double or Muffin” first — or why he said it — will likely remain a mystery forever. What’s known is that from the name grew an idea for a muffin shop unlike any other. One where you buy a muffin and flip a coin. Heads, you get a second muffin for free. Tails, you keep the muffin that you already bought. Double, or muffin.

Since then, Sean and Ben have made it their mission to bring Double or Muffin – and the lifestyle it symbolizes – to as wide an audience as possible. While they don’t know where this new journey will take them, it will probably involve danger. And it will definitely involve muffins.